General Legal Information and Support

PINAY (Filipino Women’s Organization in Quebec):

Le Réseau d’aide aux travailleuses et travailleurs migrants agricoles du Québec (RATTMAQ) :

The Mile End Legal Clinic:

Immigrant Workers Center:


Crime Victims Assistance Center:

Montreal YWCA Legal Clinic:

More Legal Clinic Resources:

Legal Information and Support for Housing Problems

Project Genesis:


The Quebec Rental Board (Régie du logement):

Immigration and Integration Services (language and citizenship preparation)

SIARI (English/French Lessons and Immigration Support):

Le CLAM (Immigration Support and French Lessons):

Le Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal (French Lessons):

Citizenship Exam Preparation:

Community Services

Libraries (Montreal):

Community Kitchens (Montreal):

Community Gardens (Montreal):

Health and Social Services

Provincial Health Insurance:

Community Health Clinics (CLSC):

General Health information with Info-Santé:

Social Insurance Number:

Driver’s License:

School Registration for Children:

Food Banks and Emergency Services

Sun Youth:

Salvation Army:

Food Banks of Quebec:

NDG Depot:

Women’s Centers

Women’s Centre of Montréal:

Montreal YWCA:

West Island Women’s Center:


Nutritional and Social Support:

Doula Services:

Thrift shops

Value Village :

Salvation Army

Fringues (Montreal’s YWCA) :

Renaissance Québec:

Kijiji (Online)

Find More Resources

Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal:

Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers (RHFW)

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