2022 Fundraising Campaign


Policies like the employer-specific work permit have been repeatedly criticized for creating a power imbalance in total favour of employers, leading to the widespread and systematic abuse and mistreatment of temporary foreign workers in Canada – a problem that is extensively documented and well-established. Despite overwhelming evidence that these policies play a central role in driving the rampant violation of workers’ rights, the Canadian government refuses to enact reforms that would allow these workers to freely change jobs and benefit from the protection of the law.

It is time to bring this issue to the courts. RHFW is planning to file a constitutional challenge to put an end to employer-tying policies.

Our End Worker Unfreedom fundraising campaign aims to raise $142 000 through private donations and institutional donors. This funding will allow RHFW to proceed with the constitutional challenge and ensure the financial sustainability of the project.

To make a donation, Contact:

Carlos Rojas

By contributing to the RHFW’S fund, it is acknowledged that:

  1. 100% of the funds donated will be used to further RHFW’s mission: to promote the rights of household and farm workers employed at their employer’s place of residence;
  2. RHFW’s main activity for 2022-2025 is a constitutional challenge to federal employer-tying policies;
  3. Donations can be public or anonymous, according to the preference  of each funder;
  4. RHFW-DTMF is a non-profit organization legally incorporated under the corporation act of the province of Quebec; it is not federally registered as a charitable organization; RHFW’s donation receipts cannot be used for tax deduction purposes.

Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers (RHFW)

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